Bach 333 - Rendsburg, Germany

Celebrating 333 years since the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach, the Director of Music at the St. Marien Kirche in Rendsburg (Volker Linhardt) invited Russell Gilmour, William Russell and Gareth Hoddinott (listed on the posters as ‘Trompetenensemble Russell Gilmour (London)') to perform with the Kantatenchor St. Marien Rendsburg and Members of the Kiel Philharmonic Orchestra in a concert entitled ‘Music and More’ on Saturday 9th June 2018 at 8pm.

The all-Bach programme began with the first two movements of the Orchestral Suite in D Major (No.3) [BWV 1068], and it included interspersed excerpts from the B Minor Mass (Osanna, Sanctus and Dona Nobis Pacem) as well as the opening chorus from Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan [BWV 99] in which I played the Cornetto part. The performance featured soloists: Milo Machover (flute), Anabel Röser (oboe), Volker Mühlberg (lead violinist - performing the Violin Concerto in E Major [BWV 1042]) and Russell Gilmour (trumpet), performing the Alleluja from the Cantata Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen [BWV 51] with soprano Miriam Meyer.


Rendsburg - 9th June 2018

BWV 1068 Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major - Overture & Air
BWV 99.1 Opening Chorus of “Was Gott tut”

BWV 232.22 Osanna from the B Minor Mass

BWV 1067 Orchestral Suite No.2 in B Minor - Polonaise - Minuet - Badinerie
BWV 51.5 Alleluja from Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen
BWV 156.1 Sinfonia

BWV 245.1 Opening Chorus of the St. John Passion
BWV 232 Sanctus from the B Minor Mass
BWV 172.4 O Seelenparadies
BWV 147.6 Wohl mir from Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben

BWV 232 Sanctus from the B Minor Mass

D Minor Toccata - Organ

Ataccot - Enjott Schneider - Organ
BWV 1042 Violin Concerto in E Major

BWV 71.6 Du wollest dem Feinde
BWV 244.47 Erbarme dich (Solo Violin)

BWV 227.9 Gute Nacht

BWV 232.25 Dona nobis pacem from the B Minor Mass

The performance featured organ music played by Volker Linhardt. Interestingly, in the second half he played Bach’s D Minor Toccata on the St. Marien Kirche organ, which was followed by a reading and then a performance of a piece entitled Ataccot - a retrograde version of the very same Toccata, by Enjott Schneider (b.1950). Described on Schott Music’s website as: “A musical, fun piece with an astonishing outcome: Even played backwards, Bach's famous Toccata in D minor is a decent, indeed brilliant piece which is nice to listen to.”

We found Rendsburg and the region, Schleswig-Holstein, to be very welcoming and beautiful. Rendsburg is a town with a fascinating history under alternating Danish (Rendsborg) and German control. It is situated on the river Eider and is proximal to the Kiel canal, which connects the Baltic Sea with the North Sea at the Elbe estuary. It is also, interestingly, twinned with Lancaster in the United Kingdom. Everybody we met in Rendsburg was exceptionally friendly and generous with their time, and to us.


I was amazed to meet a man from Rendsburg who had worked and lived on the Isle of Man, the ‘land of my birth’. After rehearing on Friday, we had most of the morning and afternoon off on Saturday giving us time to explore a town of Eckernförde on the Baltic coast. It had a beautifully sandy beach and there was a hive of activity at the popular flea market held on the quayside. We explored this town with our timpanist on this occasion, Frithjof Koch - an old friend whom I had first met during an extensive tour of the Weihnachtsoratorium [BWV 248] back in 2010. He is a wonderful friend and colleague. Thank you to Volker Linhardt for organising and inviting us to the performance and to all who gave us such a warm and friendly welcome!

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