Future Talent - Mentoring - Royal Northern College of Music

I had the pleasure of mentoring for ‘Future Talent’ at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) on Sunday 9th February 2020. The extreme weather of Storm Ciara made some of the travel arrangements a bit of a challenge. Fortunately my route to and from Manchester was largely unaffected but there was more debris on the roads than normal, and at one point I had to ford a deeply-flooded road on the
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Sectional - Junior Guildhall

I led a Wind, Brass and Percussion sectional rehearsal at the Junior Guildhall on Saturday 14th of October 2017. The sectional rehearsal focused on Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor (Op.64) and De Falla’s Three Cornered Hat (Ballet). I began the sectional with tutti forces, and asked the students about Mendelssohn and the history of the Violin Concerto in E Minor. I asked the trombones
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Spiritato! - HIP Class - Royal Academy of Music

On Thursday 9th of March 2017, I was involved in delivering a Historically Informed Performance Class at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Four members of the period-instrument ensemble ‘Spiritato!’ talked about their recent ‘Guts & Glory’ project - which involved discussing many of the key aspects of being a Historically Informed performer. The class focused on the pros and cons of
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OAEducation - Music is Special

The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment joined forces with Camden Music to put on an educational project called 'Music is Special' at Cecil Sharp House on Monday 21st of November 2016. This innovative project integrated students from two special needs schools and two mainstream schools with the period-instrument players of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. Composer and animateur, Sam Chaplin
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Birmingham University - Baroque Orchestra Coaching Session

On Saturday morning, I tutored students who were participating in Birmingham University’s Baroque Orchestra. The trumpet players had been asked to play Bach’s Orchestral Suite No.3 (BWV 1068) and Rameau’s Suite from Les Indes Galantes. I spent a few hours helping the students with issues of playing in Baroque style and ensuring they were prepared for the intensive weekend of music.
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H. Finke Coiled Trumpets

On Wednesday 1st July 2015, I finished teaching for the day and I noticed a missed call on my iPhone. It was from my former teacher Michael Laird. I called him back as I walked to the railway station and he told me, now that he had turned 75, he would be retiring from trumpet playing entirely. He explained that he had played since he was 15 years old and now, 60 years on, it was time to stop playing
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Household Cavalry Masterclass

On Tuesday, 25th of March, I had the pleasure of giving a lecture and masterclass at Hyde Park Barracks for members of the Life Guards in the Household Cavalry and members of the Band of the Blues and Royals. I performed with the Altenburg Ensemble and we presented a short history of the Natural Trumpet, and then demonstrated each point using a suitable piece of music. We performed music by Bendinelli,
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UCL Lecture - 'The Natural Trumpet: Original Instruments - Original Ears?'

University College of London Music SocietyThe Natural Trumpet: Original Instruments - “Original Ears”?“Original Ears” - By Bruce Haynes - from” The End of Early Music - Oxford University Press, 2007University College of London - North and South CloistersKatie Hodges (Left) - with the ensemble of new Natural Trumpet players. L-R Katie Hodges (Conducting), Andrew Thompson (sitting), Maria Jose
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