• 2023 May 2023

    Göttingen Handel Festival, 2023

    Some of the choruses, when accompanied by trumpets and timpani, such as 'Crown with festal pomp the day' were particularly exciting.
    Sandra Bowdler - "It's all Greek at Göttingen: George Petrou conducts Handel's Hercules"- May 2023 - Bachtrack ★★★★
  • 2021 September 2021

    Baroquiades, Handel - Aridante - Lokhalle, Göttingen Händel Festival 2021

    "Outre le moelleux des cordes et la densité du continuo, soulignons l’aisance et la clarté des hautbois (en particulier dans leurs nombreuses attaques solo), et le panache des cors et trompettes. Laurence Cummings, qui signe là avec brio une de ses dernières productions à la tête de l’Orchestre du Festival, où il devrait prochainement céder sa baguette à Georg Petrou, aura décidément marqué de sa vivacité et de son enthousiasme les productions du Festival pendant plus d’une décennie."
    Bruno Maury - "Ariodante - Haendel" - 23rd September 2021 - Baroquiades
    "Besides the softness of the strings and the density of the continuo, let us emphasise the ease and the clarity of the oboes (especially in their numerous solo attacks), and the panache of the horns and trumpets. Laurence Cummings, who brilliantly signs there one of his last productions at the head of the Festival Orchestra, where he should soon hand over his baton to Georg Petrou, will have definitely marked the Festival's productions with his liveliness and enthusiasm for more than a decade."
    Bruno Maury - "Ariodante - Haendel" - 23rd September 2021 - Baroquiades
  • 2021 June 2021

    Olyrix, Messiah - La Grange au Lac, Evian-les-Bains, Les Talens Lyriques 2021

    "La maîtrise des trompettistes, particulièrement Russell Gilmour, ajoute en éclat lors de l’air The trumpet shall sound (La trompette sonnera) et le légendaire Hallelujah."
    Emmanuel Deroeux - "Ferveur et enthousiasme pour Le Messie de Haendel à Evian" - 27th June 2021 - Olyrix
    "The mastery of trumpeters, especially Russell Gilmour, adds sparkle to the tune The Trumpet Shall Sound and the legendary Hallelujah."
    Emmanuel Deroeux - "Ferveur et enthousiasme pour Le Messie de Haendel à Evian" - 27th June 2021 - Olyrix
  • 2021 June 2021

    Forum Opera, Messiah - La Grange au Lac, Evian-les-Bains, Les Talens Lyriques 2021

    "Avec un effectif aussi limité, l’union fait la force : appuyé par la trompette éclatante de Russell Gilmour, le chœur n’est jamais aussi convaincant que lorsqu’il chante à l’unisson. Si ce parti-pris d’un Messie écrémé d’une vaine pompe convainc, c’est aussi parce qu’il est assumé d’une baguette dansante par Christophe Rousset."
    Christophe Rizoud - "Ecrémé mais fouetté - Le Messie - Evian" - 28th June 2021 - Forum Opera
    "With such limited choral forces, there is strength in unity: supported by the dazzling trumpet of Russell Gilmour, the choir is most convincing when it sings in unison... under the dancing baton of Christophe Rousset."
    Christophe Rizoud - "Ecrémé mais fouetté - Le Messie - Evian" - 28th June 2021 - Forum Opera
  • 2021 April 2021

    Planet Hugill, 2021

    "With [Brandenburg] concerto no. 2, it is of course the turn of the trumpet and Russell Gilmour certainly does not disappoint. Not only does he give us some superb clarino trumpet playing, but the balance between him and the other soloists is admirable, a feeling of intimacy which continues in the slow movement (when the trumpet is absent), and both outer movements with trumpet have a lovely sense of joy to them."
    Robert Hugill - "Scholarship and enjoyment combine in Il Gusto Barocco's lovely fresh account of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos" - April 2021 - Planet Hugill
  • 2021 April 2021

    Oxford Easter Festival, 2021

    "Instrumentally, the trumpets were the stars – Russell Gilmour, Steve Keavy and Robert Vanryne may be new names to most of us, but they were outstanding."
    Melanie Eskenazi - "OBS Easter Festival: St John Passion & Easter Oratorio @ Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford" - April 2021 - Music OMH
  • 2019 August 2019

    BBC Proms, 2019

    “…a joyous cluster of Bach masterpieces celebrating the heavenly forces' triumph over the infernal serpent… That meant the peerless silvery sound of four authentic trumpets, magical in this venue, in each work…”
    David Nice - "Prom 37: The Childhood of Christ, Hallé, Pascal / Prom 38: Bach Cantatas, Solomon's Knot - Reviews - holy radiance great and small" - August 2019 - The Arts Desk
  • 2019 May 2019

    Göttingen Handel Festival, 2019

    The opening ritornello of the first chorus, with the requisite three trombones, two trumpets and kettledrums, broke over the audience in an exuberant wave.
    Sandra Bowdler - "Magnificent Saul in Göttingen Handel Festival"- May 2019 - Bachtrack ★★★★★
  • 2018 December 2018

    Solomon's Knot - Milton Court, 2018

    The moment the trumpets started rejoicing at the start of his [Bach’s] Magnificat, BWV 243a (the work’s original, longer, E-flat major version), we were lifted into another world — a world beyond decorative competence…
    Geoff Brown - "Review: Solomon’s Knot at Milton Court, EC2" - December 2018 - The Times ★★★★★
  • 2018 December 2018

    Solomon's Knot - Milton Court, 2018

    [Machet Die Tore Weit]…radiant and touching, the trumpets-and-drums interludes soft-grained and gentle rather than strident…
    David Kettle - "An absolute joy of a Christmas concert at Milton Court" - December 2018 - The Telegraph ★★★★
  • 2018 December 2018

    Solomon's Knot - Milton Court, 2018

    The trumpet contributions (Russell Gilmour) in ‘Suscepit Israel’ shone.
    Colin Clarke - "Solomon’s Knot Give a Superb Celebration of Christmas in Leipzig" - December 2018 - Seen and Heard International
  • 2018 May 2018

    Göttingen Handel Festival, 2018

    The FestspielOrchester Göttingen under the direction of Laurence Cummings is now one of, if not the, outstanding Baroque orchestras of the modern day, and possibly ever. Every performance is one to treasure, which brings out the glories of Handel’s music and its emotional impact. Concertmaster Elizabeth Blumenstock was alert to every turn of the music, with the great support of the continuo group led by cellist Phoebe Carrai, and wonderful musicians in every other section. In this particular performance, one noticed especially the oboes (Susanne Regel and Kristin Linde) and the three trumpeters, David Staff, Russell Gilmour and Rupprecht Drees.
    Sandra Bowdler - "A stunning Judas Maccabaeus at Göttingen" - May 2018 - Bachtrack ★★★★★
  • 2018 May 2018

    Göttingen Handel Festival, 2018

    Pauken und Trompeten hatten hier ihren bravourösen Auftritt, bei dem sie mit präzisem Rhythmus, Synchronität und warm-festlichem Klang überzeugten. Timpani and trumpets gave a brilliant performance here, convincing with precise rhythm, synchrony and warm festive sounds.
    Isabel Trzeciok - "Laurence Cummings leitet Galakonzert" - May 2018 - Göttinger Tageblatt
  • 2018 May 2018

    Göttingen Handel Festival, 2018

    In the festive pieces "Utrecht Jubilate" and "How Beautiful ..." it became more splendid just by the fantastic trumpets (David Staff and Russell Gilmour) and timpani (Rob van der Sterren).
    Jens Wortmann - "Der NDR-Chor sang in der Göttinger Stadthalle" - May 2018 - Kulturbuero Göttinger
  • 2017 December 2017

    Lully's Alceste - Les Talens Lyriques - Versailles - 2017

    Russell Gilmour, on natural trumpet, deserves mention for his incredibly precise, enthusiastic, faultless playing.
    Laura Servidei - "Lully's Alceste a great success in Versailles"- December 2017 - Bachtrack ★★★★
  • 2017 December 2017

    Bach - B Minor Mass - Solomon's Knot - St. John's Smith Square

    Intimacy is all very fine, some might say, but what about the sheer splendour of the Sanctus and Dona Nobis Pacem as done in the old way, with a massed choir and all trumpets blazing? True, we didn’t get that, but the ebb and flow of the solo voices and the delicate sound of the period trumpets created a different kind of radiance, less overwhelming but much more moving.
    Ivan Hewett - "Solomon’s Knot's high-risk strategy yields marvellous results at St John's Smith Square" - December 2017 - The Telegraph ★★★★★
  • 2017 December 2017

    Bach - B Minor Mass - Solomon's Knot - St. John's Smith Square

    Then a newly tuned D major ‘Sanctus’ punched through with the trumpets – it was as if the sun had come out.
    Ruth Hansford - "Small scale, from memory & without a conductor: A very human B minor mass" - December 2017 - Planet Hughill ★★★★½
  • 2017 October 2017

    Brandenburg Concerto No.2 - Devon Baroque

    But the sheer quality of Bach’s music in his Brandenburg Concerto No.2, and the superb performance - especially from Gilmour as he despatched the frighteningly-high notes of the trumpet part on little more than a flared metal tube with a few holes with great panache and scarcely a fluffed note throughout - ensured that this was a most fitting finale to a great afternoon.
    Philip Buttall - "Devon Baroque’s ‘Musical Battles, and the Trumpet, Naturally…"- October 2017 - Seen and Heard International
  • 2017 October 2017

    Brandenburg Concerto No.2 - Devon Baroque

    …even before soloist Russell Gilmour had blown his first note, he emanated such quiet confidence that everyone present knew he would emerge completely unscathed at the end of a tremendous performance
    Philip Buttall - "Devon Baroque’s ‘Musical Battles, and the Trumpet, Naturally…"- October 2017 - Seen and Heard International
  • 2017 May 2017

    Göttingen Handel Festival, 2017

    The concert featured a nicely balanced programme of works by Telemann, CPE Bach and Handel. The opening piece, Telemann’s Overture in D major for two trumpets, strings and basso continuo, was a great FOG [FestspielOrchester Göttingen] showcase, displaying their sumptuous sound which is nonetheless transparent in the parts. The marriage of the strings and trumpets (the latter played by David Staff and Russell Gilmour) in the internal ouverture was a delight, as was the energy of the “Les Janissaires” section, the short window with a merrily bubbling bassoon (Rhoda Patrick) and concluding fanfare-ish bourrée.
    Sandra Bowdler - "Return of Dominique Labelle to Göttingen"- May 2017 - Bachtrack
  • 2016 December 2016

    The Times: B Minor Mass - Solomon's Knot

    From the first Credo through to the seraphic dazzle of the six-part Sanctus, the group found a rhythmic security that allowed for spontaneity. By the end of the Dona nobis pacem, as the trinity of trumpets soared upwards, it felt as though the hall itself was swelling.
    Anna Picard - "Solomon’s Knot at Shoreditch Town Hall, EC1"- 13th December 2016 - The Times
  • 2016 December 2016

    Luxemburger Wort: Christmas Oratorio - Le Concert Lorrain

    Les trompettistes entre autres s'en sont tirés avec les honneures!
    Pierre Gerges - "L'éloquence sacrée de Prégardien"- December 2016 - Luxemburger Wort
    The trumpeters, among others, took the honours!
    Pierre Gerges - "L'éloquence sacrée de Prégardien"- December 2016 - Luxemburger Wort
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  • 2016 December 2016

    The Times: B Minor Mass - Solomon's Knot

    Also, the trio of natural trumpets and the timpani were outstanding.
    Nahoko Gotoh - "Solomon's Knot brings wonderful sense of community to Bach's Mass in B minor"- December 2016 - Bachtrack
  • 2016 June 2016

    Leipzig Bachfest: Nikolaikirche

    [Bach’s Magnificat] was originally written in Eb major and is extremely virtuosic for instrumentalists as well as singers. It seems to have slightly overstretched the Leipzig Stadtpfeifer, because a few years later, Bach revised the piece, transposing it into the key of D major, which was easier for the trumpeters. Solomon’s Knot, however, chose the original version, and it was audible in every moment that the trumpets did not need to resort to the alternative. In the opening chorus ‘Magnificat anima mea Dominum’, the listeners already experienced an explosion of splendid baroque colour: the infectious swing, and luminous presence of the trumpet parts launched a momentum which carried through until the end of the work. It was never noisy or violent, but rather built to such unbridled joy in music-making in the final chorus, ‘Gloria Patri’, that only the repeat of the final section after frenetic applause could dissipate the excess energy.
    Werner Kopfmüller - Leipziger Volkszeitung - review of Bachfest Leipzig concert in the Nikolaikirche - 13th June 2016 - Translated by Jonathan Sells
  • 2016 January 2016

    Counsel Magazine

    The concert proper began with two pieces from Handel’s Samson, first performed after his great success with the Messiah. Grace Davidson, superbly accompanied by Russell Gilmour on trumpet, was entrancing in Let the Bright Seraphim.
    HH Judge Philip Bartle QC - Counsel Magazine - January 2016 - The Bar Choral Society
  • 2015 December 2015

    Solomon's Knot: Christmas in Leipzig

    Solomon’s Knot played with assurance and zeal with Rosemary Toll on the drums and celebratory trumpets played by Russell Gilmour, William Russell and Gareth Hoddinott...
    Mary Nguyen - - December 2015 - Culture Vulture
  • 2015 January 2015

    Malta Times: Messiah

    The rest of the ensemble was made up of Nadia Debono and Marcelline Agius on violins, Sarah Spiteri on viola and special guest Russell Gilmour on trumpet. The latter played the few solo trumpet passages beautifully, particularly the obbligato part in the bass aria The Trumpet Shall Sound.
    Alex Vella Gregory review of Goldberg Ensemble - Handel - Messiah - concert at St. John's Pro Cathedral, Valletta - Malta - Malta Times - 25th January 2015
  • 2014 August 2014

    Handel: Eternal Source of Light Divine

    Perhaps most moving of all was Handel’s Eternal Source of Light Divine from Queen Anne’s Birthday Ode with soprano Faye Newton and the small backing ensemble on stage, and trumpeter Russell Gilmour at the front of the church answering or echoing her words.
    Peter Bevan - Darlington & Stockton Times - 8 August 2014
  • 2014 May 2014

    Handel's Joshua - London Festival of Baroque Music

    The brass section of three baroque trumpets and two natural horns blazed when required, and didn't put a single foot wrong all evening.
    Sebastian Scotney, review of Festspiel Orchester Göttingen - Joshua - concert at St. John's, Smith Square - London, 26th May 2014 - The Arts
  • 2014 March 2014

    Daniel Purcell: The Judgment of Paris

    ...admirably supported by 'Spiritato!' trumpeters William Russell and Russell Gilmour.
    Tullia Giersberg, review of Daniel Purcell - The Judgment of Paris (1701) - British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies
  • 2013 September 2013

    Early Music: The Taverners at 40

    Russell Gilmour, one of the performers of the famous L'Orfeo toccata on the Taverners' recent recording, introduced us to one of the trumpets in the Bate Collection, demonstrating the timbre and articulation of a real natural trumpet and putting an eloquent case for the abandonment of the 'Baroque' trumpet of the 1970s.
    Christopher Suckling - The Taverners at 40 - Early Music September 2013- Oxford University Press