Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment Recording & Performance

On Tuesday 4th of November 2014, I performed as an off-stage trumpeter with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in (or technically, just outside) the Royal Festival Hall in London. Sir Mark Elder conducted Donizetti's 'Les Martyrs', directing around 150 performers. 

My modest role involved playing a straight fanfare trumpet, which was provided for me by the orchestra. It had valves (which I did not need) and was pitched in E-flat. I played the 4th offstage part, which consisted of 8 notes in total - all of them concert E-flats - over two consecutive entries. I played in only the second movement of the second act.

The orchestra had been working hard with Sir Mark Elder to record this four hour opera in the week preceding the performance. I attended the recording session on Wednesday 29th of October 2014 at St. Clement's Church in Clerkenwell.

The performance from the concert will be aired as a deferred broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Saturday the 15th November at 6.15pm.

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