Dartington 2010

Dartington International Summer School 2010

Funeral Cortege: Purcell - Funeral Music for Queen Mary II

Front Row: Timpani covered in black cloth
Second Row: Katie Hodges, Russell Gilmour - carrying trumpets in black cloth (symbolising that they would not be played)
Third and Fourth Row: Band of Drummers
Remaining Rows: Sackbutt Choir

Courtyard Music

L-R: Katie McClaughry, Matthew Manchester, Guy Morley, Andreas, Emily White (Course Tutor for Sackbutt), Daniel Serafini, Elen Le Foll and Russell Gilmour

Performing Russell Gilmour’s Arrangement of “Cantina Band” from Star Wars
to the Friends of the Summer Schoo

L-R: David Wright (harpsichord), Guy Morley, Matthew Manchester, David Staff, Russell Gilmour, Katie Hodges, Emily White, Phil Vickers , Daniel Serafini and Patrick Kenny (partly pictured)

Russell Gilmour
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