Blackdowns Early Music Projects - Grand Baroque III - German Choral Masterworks - Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral was the venue for ‘Grand Baroque III’, a programme compiled by Blackdowns Early Music Projects which featured several ‘German Choral Masterworks’ from composers such as Rosenmüller, Schelle and Kuhnau. The performance took place at Exeter Cathedral on Monday 28th August 2017.The baroque orchestra consisted of the English Cornett and Sackbutt Ensemble, the Monteverdi String
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Reconstructing, Performing & Recording Marcin Mielczewski’s ‘Vesperae Dominicales' for 50th Wratislavia Cantans Festival

The National Forum of Music in Wrocław commissioned me to 'recreate' cornett and sackbutt parts for Marcin Mielczewski's Vesperae Dominicales. The original version of the piece has eight vocal parts, two violin parts, a dulcian part and basso continuo, though historical sources indicate that this would have been extended to include cornetts and sackbutts in a later version. A later manuscript
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